Tax Planning

Sensible and careful tax planning can make an enormous difference to your financial situation.

We Can Help:

  • Ensure that you maximise tax efficiency in all areas – income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax
  • Make the most of available tax reliefs and allowances
  • Make the most appropriate use of tax efficient savings and investment products
  • Structure your affairs so that your lifetime financial objectives are met
  • Protect your estate and prepare for any associated tax costs

(The FCA does not regulate tax advice)

Tax Planning Using:

  • ISA’s
  • Trusts
  • Offshore Investment Bonds
  • National Savings and Investments
  • Business Property Relief
  • Trusts and Life Assurance Products
  • Gifts and Transfers

Portfolios you may be interested in

AIM Inheritance Tax Portfolio

To reduce your IHT liability we invest in companies listed on the UK’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) that qualify for Business Property Relief. Investments in such companies held for at least two years are potentially IHT tax-free under current legislation.

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Premium Dividend Portfolio

The Premium Dividend portfolio will invest in 25 companies in the UK and Europe that will give you a steady and growing stream of income. The companies we invest in will demonstrate an ability to pay a consistent, growing dividend throughout the business cycle.

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Fixed Income Portfolio

If you just need some peace of mind that your money won’t disappear in the hard times and at least make some return in the good, this is the portfolio for you.

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