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Leabourne Financial Advice is now proudly part of MVAM Financial Advice.

People can often be unsure when making financial decisions. Without expert financial advice, making decisions can be confusing and worrying.

Sarah Pohlinger and Annemarie Otchere, our financial advisers in Hertford, focus on helping you make the right decisions. They will help you to look at where you are today and the steps you should take to meet your financial objectives.

We work with a number of preferred providers including our own at Mole Valley Asset Management.

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Step-by-step advice

We break the advice process down into steps so you are in control of how much you want us to do. It all starts with an initial chat to make sure we are the right financial advisers to help you.

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Fair fees

We are open about the way we charge. We will provide you with a clear fee proposal that you will need to agree before we commence any work for you. The way we charge is different to most advisers, so learn more here.

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Wide range of services

We offer pension retirement, savings and investment advice for both individuals and small businesses, helping you to make important choices.

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Why choose MVAM Financial Advice?

Leabourne Financial Advice is now trading as MVAM Financial Advice

We provide clients with truly individual advice that is unique to their situation. By taking time to get to know you and your financial situation, we will provide you with the most bespoke solution.

We will then make sure we explain our recommendations in our follow up meeting.

Our financial advice

Our promise to you

The Hertford team promises to you:

  • Focus on helping people make the right financial decisions.
  • Make financial advice more accessible.
  • Give clients truly individual advice that is unique to their situation.
  • Provide a fair and transparent pricing structure.
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“Your report reads well, and provides us with a very good account of our financial situation, and importantly, what actions we need to take.”
“I think that the way you portray this kind of disappointing news is absolutely right for any fair-minded client, who must already be well aware of current economic circumstances. Factually correct, fully explained, and above all without any attempt to make excuses on behalf of MVAM or yourself, which might imply that you have something to hide, which of course you don't. Keep this basic integrity going because it is sadly becoming an ever-scarcer commodity in the rest of the world.”
“Thank you for your honesty and of course we perfectly well understand why the markets have taken such a hit in recent months. We aim to be with you for the long haul and so we trust your judgements to sell and buy in a fashion that will ultimately benefit us.”
“For the last twenty years my pension was invested in one of the big providers, but as circumstances changed I felt it needed more of personal touch moving forward. Duncan and Craig took the time to listen and explain, thoroughly taking me through the options, the risk levels and potential outcomes, before helping me decide the right investments for me. We’re in constant dialogue and it really feels like they are watching out for me and my fund in the constantly evolving markets.”
Shay R