Retirement Planning & Pensions

Pensions can seem quite daunting: terminology can be difficult to understand, tax advantages frequently change, there are specific rules that govern how much you can save and when you can access your savings; and there is uncertainty about how much pension you will receive when you retire.

We Can Help:

  • Develop a Savings Plan for Retirement – how much will you need to save, and where should you invest those savings, to give you the income you’d like in retirement and at the age you’d like to retire.
  • Make sure that you can afford the pension contributions and that they maximise tax advantages and tax allowances
  • Monitor and review existing pension arrangements to ensure you’re still on track, and make recommendations to improve performance or increase contributions where necessary
  • Advise on Options at Retirement – maximising retirement benefits and flexibility
  • Restructure investments in retirement to provide more income
  • Make sure product charges are low and that they are not eating into your returns
  • If you have a public sector pension and need advice about the changes to your pension
  • If you are getting divorced and need advice about how to share your pensions

We Advise and Arrange:

  • Personal Pension Plans
  • SIPP’s, Self-Invested Personal Pensions
  • Occupational Pension Plans
  • Stakeholder Pension Funds

Portfolios you may be interested in

Bespoke Investment Portfolio

Our definition of a Bespoke Investment portfolio is directly correlated to the situation and need of each individual client. A portfolio, which is created for a young businesswoman might not be diversified enough for a retired army officer. As you can imagine the situation and needs, in this case, are likely to be dramatically different.

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Premium Dividend Portfolio

The Premium Dividend portfolio will invest in 25 companies in the UK and Europe that will give you a steady and growing stream of income. The companies we invest in will demonstrate an ability to pay a consistent, growing dividend throughout the business cycle.

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Fixed Income Portfolio

If you just need some peace of mind that your money won’t disappear in the hard times and at least make some return in the good, this is the portfolio for you.

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