Fixed Income Portfolio

Fixed Income Portfolio


Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do with your savings. You don’t need them now and you feel that you shouldn’t spend them. Investing them in risky options has its appeal but you aren’t sure you will be able to sleep through the downtimes.


The Fixed Income portfolio invests predominantly in:

  • UK government bonds.
  • Overseas bonds.
  • Corporate bonds.
  • Cash and, on occasion, precious metals.

Investments may be made directly or through purchases of ETFs.

The percentage allocated into each category of bonds is limited to ensure diversity and safety although the portfolio can hold all UK government bonds or cash.

The allocation between asset types is made by using systematic processes on a quarterly basis and more frequently if markets demand.

What you need to know

Why Mole Valley Asset Management?
  • Expertise in income-based equity investment.
  • The size of MVAM means that we can invest in the best companies regardless of their size, unlike larger investment houses.
  • Fees are fair and transparent, and we align our rewards to the success of our product.
  • Potential for strong returns.
  • Consistent, repeatable strategy.
  • Invest in good quality companies.
  • Money back usually within a week of receiving a redemption request. 

While risks are spread across asset classes the biggest potential downside is that your capital is not guaranteed.

We say...

If you just need some peace of mind that your money won’t disappear in the hard times and at least make some return in the good, this is the portfolio for you.

This investment is suitable if you are looking for some income from your assets and expect to hold bonds as well as equity.

You should not buy this portfolio if:

  1. You cannot tolerate periods where your portfolio is at risk of loss.
  2. You are looking for significant returns against benchmark indices.
  3. Returns will be relatively muted when interest rates are low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who decides how my money is invested?

Your money is looked after by a team of qualified investment managers with experience in established UK firms like Nestlé Capital Management Ltd, Société Générale, Daiwa SB, Berenberg Bank and JPMorgan.  Our experts use both quantitative and qualitative information to pick the best companies available to you, then build you an investment plan that suits your goals and attitude to risk. And because things are always changing in the financial markets, our team monitors and adjusts your plan regularly, to make sure your money is invested in places that suit your expectations and goals.

What are my potential investment risks with MVAM?

As with all investing, you do have certain investment risks that you will need to consider.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance and the value of your investments may go down as well as up.

Your investments are held with our ‘custodian bank’ Crest, a separate nominee company, adding an additional layer of security

Can my investment lose value?

Investors should  remember  that  the  value  of  investments,  and  the  income  from  them,  can  go  down  as well as  up  and  that  past  performance  is  no  guarantee  of  future  return. You may not recover what you invest.  Changes  in  exchange rates may have an adverse effect on the value, price, or income of foreign currency denominated securities. Levels and bases of taxation can change. Investments or investment services referred to may not be suitable for all recipients. Structured returns are calculated as total returns including MVAM annual charges and inclusive of underlying portfolio charges with all income reinvested. As model performance is based on all income being reinvested, real portfolio performance may vary from model performance. Prices for the purpose of calculating model performance are obtained on a best endeavours basis and may vary depending on actual dealing dates.

Can I pick stocks or choose what I invest in?

No, that’s what we’re here for. We build your investment plan based on what you tell us about your attitude to risk with money, how much you have to invest, and by when you hope to reach your savings goals. Then we monitor your investments to make sure they’re on track.


The value of your investment in this portfolio and the income from it may go down as well as up, and you may not get back what you invested.