Yorkshire Financial Awards: Innovative Product of the Year

01 December 2021

The Yorkshire Financial Awards celebrates the success of Yorkshire’s most innovative financial products and services.

This year we are proud to announce that MVAM have been selected as a finalist for the “Innovative Product of the Year” award, with our Yorkshire T20 portfolio.

This product which has been featured in the press, was launched during the pandemic. The Yorkshire T20 portfolio is the first county portfolio of its kind and only invests in listed companies based in Yorkshire.

This award recognises the recent release, competitive advantage and results of a new and innovative financial product.

MVAM York Director, Duncan Sanford says “The team are delighted the Yorkshire T20 portfolio has been shortlisted for the innovative product of the year.  At its heart, this product helps people connect with local investment opportunities and ensures local businesses and local investors collaborate to achieve community-based solutions. In this way, people are able to grow their savings, whilst supporting home-grown companies.”

‘The team has worked hard with local companies to create this product. We are grateful to the Yorkshire companies and the community for their continued support. Fingers crossed for February’

The Yorkshire Financial Awards 2022 will be held in Leeds on the 24th February and we are thrilled to attend.